Make yourselves useful

So why is it that this site gets around 100 views everyday without you visitors making yourselves useful? Or is it just the same horny loser sissy that checks in over and over and over again? Then at least have the decency to comment and be polite you idiot.. Or are you just too scared? Little sissy boy, scared of his pleasures and obsession with me?

Anyway. These last couple of days have been fun. This sissy idiot that wasted my time months ago came back crawling after he realized there is no one better even though he really wanted one in the U.S. But, he ate his words and came crawling back accepting the lousy job as promo slave and paying ridiculously small amounts BUT only for the privilege to serve me. I do have a bit of fun with him tho. Like get him drunk on a bunch of Malibu shots lol while his wife and kids were sleeping at 3 in the morning.

He wanted to see if I could find his stash of embarrassing videos and pics of him in sissy clothes and putting dildos into his ass lol. We used teamviewer and guess what? I found him in the first place I looked so I had to help him hide it. Fucking idiot. 

I also had this geeky boy who used to serve a lovely friend of mine that sadly had left findom. So about a month after that he came looking for me. I’m the kryptonite for nerdy boys. He bought me some eyeliner and a booster of mtg cards. I’ve been owning my fiancé with my green/black elf deck.
Then this guy who got drunk at 2 beers came on kik and messed with one of my girls before she went to bed, she handed him over to me when she got bored and I rinsed him good. 

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