Make yourselves useful

So why is it that this site gets around 100 views everyday without you visitors making yourselves useful? Or is it just the same horny loser sissy that checks in over and over and over again? Then at least have the decency to comment and be polite you idiot.. Or are you just too scared? Little sissy boy, scared of his pleasures and obsession with me?

Anyway. These last couple of days have been fun. This sissy idiot that wasted my time months ago came back crawling after he realized there is no one better even though he really wanted one in the U.S. But, he ate his words and came crawling back accepting the lousy job as promo slave and paying ridiculously small amounts BUT only for the privilege to serve me. I do have a bit of fun with him tho. Like get him drunk on a bunch of Malibu shots lol while his wife and kids were sleeping at 3 in the morning.

He wanted to see if I could find his stash of embarrassing videos and pics of him in sissy clothes and putting dildos into his ass lol. We used teamviewer and guess what? I found him in the first place I looked so I had to help him hide it. Fucking idiot. 

I also had this geeky boy who used to serve a lovely friend of mine that sadly had left findom. So about a month after that he came looking for me. I’m the kryptonite for nerdy boys. He bought me some eyeliner and a booster of mtg cards. I’ve been owning my fiancé with my green/black elf deck.
Then this guy who got drunk at 2 beers came on kik and messed with one of my girls before she went to bed, she handed him over to me when she got bored and I rinsed him good. 

Bad slaves, bad bad slaves!

So even though my packages are dropping in like crazy, even at a speed where I don’t have time to pick up the ones too big to arrive at my door – I’m pretty much annoyed with majority of my slaves.

And for some fucking reason my week went from making about 200$ in an hour last week to me getting swedes messaging me on kik but not having “the time to pay” because of their work. Get your fucking priorities straight you inferior lazy bitches. 
So who am I annoyed with? Well let’s start with Norwegian slave who thought he could sneak away over to me, then lie to me that “his wife saw our messages” but in reality he was already owned by another Domme. Apperantly he’s been spoiling A LOT of other Dommes on the side. He literally had to block me EVERYWHERE to avoid coming back lol. 
And then we have Chastity Slave who was doing so well but is now ignoring me.. Either he too is an unfaithful scum who thinks he can handle more then one Domme – but you wouldn’t dare doing that, would you? OR he let himself out of his lock and is afraid to tell me… Either way, I’m losing my patience and there are other payslaves waiting for me to play. Maybe he got scared when I mentioned training to be locked up for a year ;)? Lol

That good chastity life

All dicks should be locked up until told otherwise. And some men are intelligent enough to realize this by themselves and just need a dominant intelligent woman to help them take the leap!

Enter chastity slave who is now entering his third day in lock up! This is a video from the day of reckoning lol.

I’m taking over Scandinavia!

Midnight between Thursday and Friday was a good tribute wise, to say the least. Two new subs finding me through this blog and my Twitter. 

One had been tweeting me for a few days but got obsessed with my smile, who wouldn’t? I’ll call him Norwegian Slave.

So he bought me some lingerie and believed it counted as a tribute before I’d even seen the stuff arrive at my house lol. But he did tribute like he should have abs made up for it by tributing almost the double of my minimum to my What a good boy! 

The other one is a fello swede that did find me through this blog. Hi there chastity slave! He seemed like a real fun play toy and he tributed be etsy gift card (fun new find!! Love etsy so get to it piggies) so I was able to buy the door mat I’d been dying to have for a few months and now that I’ve moved I just had to have it. And voila! 

This slave is quickly growing to be a fave, he’s straight forward, doesn’t play games, very polite and knows how little he deserves and how much I deserve. 
Sooooo I’m putting him in chastity tomorrow for 3 weeks, hehe I’m nice like that! 

Back to reality!

Moving into the new apartment, we got loads of lovely things for the bedroom. Things of my choice of course.. We’re looking to get this doormat too! Who’ll get it for me!?

An Etsy gift card would be perfect right about now!
Yesterday I tried on the corset I received before we went on our trip. Looked fucking perfect on me (what else!?) so fiancé just HAD to take some pics! He got so horny doing it so just had to take a break for a little fun 😉 wish I hadn’t cleaned my panties afterwards lol, they would’ve been worth a gold mine lol!

Thinking of uploading the pictures password protected and let you pay your way to access them as well as other goodies. I’m always classy tho, seductive 

pics of my feet and lingerie. No cam girl here. 

I’m still alive!

Hello lovely Dommes and not so lovely pigs! I was away for a hike this week, I had an amazing time but wow it was exhausting! Thought I’d come home to some tributes but I’m not sure where the fuck my pigs went lol. I guess they didn’t survive without me. 

The shoeslave have been crawling out of his best tho. I think the Hedvig Haze is to strong lol. He’s been trying to get my attention by telling me when my Twitter connections been fucking up and also sent a small tribute as well as going around kik groups asking about me and trying to find other Swedish FinDommes. I don’t think there’s anyone like me tho and he knows that.

I had a Swedish slave asking to be mine a few weeks ago and saying he was gonna tribute on Swedish pay day but he managed to fuck up before that lol and now he’s COMPLETELY dissapesred lol no idea where he went but his Twitter and kik has been idle. I told him to fuck all the way off after I caught him messaging another Domme at the same time and that really grinds my gears, almost as much as other FinDommes messaging owned slaves.

And what happened before I went on my hike? My computer harddrive fucking broke… It’ll be about 500$… Angry as duck as it’s the second time in 6 months… Lucky I was going on a hike and really needed some time off from that computer.

I did my monthly Amazon shopping yesterday, now my gc is empty! But I’ll get a bunch of goodies in the mail soon!