I’m still alive!

Hello lovely Dommes and not so lovely pigs! I was away for a hike this week, I had an amazing time but wow it was exhausting! Thought I’d come home to some tributes but I’m not sure where the fuck my pigs went lol. I guess they didn’t survive without me. 

The shoeslave have been crawling out of his best tho. I think the Hedvig Haze is to strong lol. He’s been trying to get my attention by telling me when my Twitter connections been fucking up and also sent a small tribute as well as going around kik groups asking about me and trying to find other Swedish FinDommes. I don’t think there’s anyone like me tho and he knows that.

I had a Swedish slave asking to be mine a few weeks ago and saying he was gonna tribute on Swedish pay day but he managed to fuck up before that lol and now he’s COMPLETELY dissapesred lol no idea where he went but his Twitter and kik has been idle. I told him to fuck all the way off after I caught him messaging another Domme at the same time and that really grinds my gears, almost as much as other FinDommes messaging owned slaves.

And what happened before I went on my hike? My computer harddrive fucking broke… It’ll be about 500$… Angry as duck as it’s the second time in 6 months… Lucky I was going on a hike and really needed some time off from that computer.

I did my monthly Amazon shopping yesterday, now my gc is empty! But I’ll get a bunch of goodies in the mail soon!