The clusterfuck and this weekend..

FML, this weekend started with a MAJOR clusterfuck explosion created by FootSlave. Not only was he owned but he had also tributed a shitload of other Dommes. I was so fucking angry that I almost exploaded. 

Not only that, another Domme wrote him to say that she wanted 50$ or he would make me hate him.. Who the fuck craves money from someone else’s slave. Anyone, turned out he was owned by a friend of mine before I owned him but he begged to be free so I could have him, she agreed and was pretty tired of him anyway. He had to pay us both 50£ for the mess he made and then he didn’t have any more money. That loser.. He is being punished this weekend. 
Saturday I got my own little sissy! I love the sissies. He tributed while I was giving him no attention whatsoever lol, almost felt a little bad for him…. JK lol! But I’ve been playing with him this weekend. 
I also had another session with 21 year old virgin Sunday evening. He just couldn’t keep away, told him he can be back whenever and turns out he is a sissy you. My luck!
Gift card account is looking NICE!
Yesterday I got another potential slave, a swede! He was a promo slave but he’s gonna pay me after he gets his paycheck this Friday (same day as I get mine as well as my fees from my slaves!) I can’t wait lol, other then that I will be on location for a movie shoot this weekend. LOADS of stuff happening!

So since last we spoke I got a good 90£, thank you bitches.