Yesterday’s accomplishments

So yesterday almost started with a tribute of £50 from Brandon, or let’s call him Facial Acrobatic. We played a bit of teamviewer and then he begged for a RT game just before I was off to work. We got it to £73 and then he asked to pay dick tax of £15 for his supposed 4-5 inches. 

At work night he asked to play another RT game! Got to £121 and then we stopped it, he said he had a limit of £130 but still caught me when I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep at 3am and offered to pay £80 for another 30 min teamviewer session. I had a lot of fun snooping through his Facebook and messaging the unlucky women he’d slept  with. I would upload a pic of him that I posted with the RT game but I know he’d love it too much for me to do it for free.

Also got a package I picked up this morning with two lovely eyeshadow palettes I bought with German pigs tribute. They SMELL like chocolate, I’m gonna smell lovelier then I already do!!