Ungrateful Pigs

You’re getting to almost 200 readers daily over here! You read, you get hard, you probably even jerk off to my pics or my tributes and then most of you contribute NOTHING. Aren’t you a worthless piece of shit? Oh, did you tribute me £30, £50 or maybe even £100 already? Ask yourself, is that enough to spoil a true goddess? To show your appreciation and worhip? NO.

I suggest you send me a good amazon.co.uk giftcard to misshedvig@hotmail.com
and I might give you some of my attention and give you some time in my spotlight in my blog. Why don’t you send all the money you were supposed to buy food for, or was supposed to gift your lover with? HAHA.

#1 ways to spot a fake paypig

There are many ways to spot a fake finsub/payslave/pig. They try to fool us but their ways to do so is beyond worthless. 

One easy way to spot your ordinary vanilla male who’s out looking to sext and get nudes, is that they get offended when denied. First second you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. They want to be your slave (even tho they have no idea what financial domination is most of the time) and the second you tell them you’re not interested or that you don’t sext or send nudes – you’re an ugly whore. 

Your true sub would’ve been sad and apologize for thinking such a thing. He/she KNOWS they’re inferior and that you’re right. If you’re not interested in them then it’s their fucking fault and all they can really do is plea for another chance and prove their worth in money instead. 
And another thing, as you can see – they’re MOST DEF underaged