Feeding your obsession

Hello pigs!

I know I’ve been awful at blogging, I’ve just had better things to do then fees you piggies with pics and examples of how you can be useful to me! You should know that already. Still some of you losers come into my blog, jerk off and then contact me for more of my time with no tribute in sight. Do you think that’ll with? Nope.

But some of you have been plenty useful. Did I tell you about sissy Swede turns sissy Louise? He’s been very good and he is on his third week of payment now. Nothing is more important then becoming the slut he is supposed to be and spoiling his miss. He is learning to suck Dick so if anyone wants a piece of him just send an email my way, with tribute of course!

Then we have my two dear swedes on Twitter who’s been messaging me, they love a good retweet game, one I already played his first RTgame (he was cheap but did buy me a pair of heels and a coat because coats turn him on hehe) with while the other is planned for this weekend! I also played a good RTgame with a Danish pig. He’s such a fat pindick loser and he looooved seeing me get a good 70£ out of him. I wonder what I’m gonna spend it on ;). 
This German blog reader sent me a tribute of 50$ for Amazon.com to get my hidden pics – anything sounds wrong in that sentence? You loyal readers all know I can only use Amazon.co.uk! Of course he corrected this after I told him, never heard back so I’m guessing he fainted from the gorgeousness that is me in a corset! I’m sure he will want more. I got plenty of good outfits that’ll be photographed as soon as we get this apartment ready.

And last but not least this scared Norwegian Blackmail sissy, he is so scars but he wants it sooo bad. It’s pretty amusing but also extremely annoying. Why can’t you pigs just admit your fetishes and desires to save some dignity? Otherwise you’re just a waste of breath with a dirty secret you won’t even get to experience. I could be your savior, that sweet release of a green toxic heroine. But are you a chicken or are you a pig!?

Keep it coming in