Fine I’m back

Oh well some of you pigs have been good and commented and a big amount of you are still lurking her and not doing any good, haha even though I haven’t updated – send a tribute to make up for it, losers.

So what has happened lately? Facial acrobatic got broke and had to run away but he is a newborn paypig so he will keep spending one way or another. He got to about £700 in 2 weeks before we paratroopers ways. If you’re still here, cum eating pindick – tribute or stop reading! 

Some new gifts from pigs!

And what did I buy for all my tributes this time? A new gaming PC

Can’t wait til I get it!
Other then that I gave myself a manicure with facial acrobatics gift

And I went out clubbing in the shoes I got from shoefreak and it turned a lot of heads, I was about 190 in them. 
I also did a RTgame with my long lost Danish pig who keeps dissapeating on and off which is a bit frustrating as he doesn’t have the decency to tell me WHERE.. He’s only 11£ short of being owned!

Such a lucky pig! 

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