Fine I’m back

Oh well some of you pigs have been good and commented and a big amount of you are still lurking her and not doing any good, haha even though I haven’t updated – send a tribute to make up for it, losers.

So what has happened lately? Facial acrobatic got broke and had to run away but he is a newborn paypig so he will keep spending one way or another. He got to about £700 in 2 weeks before we paratroopers ways. If you’re still here, cum eating pindick – tribute or stop reading! 

Some new gifts from pigs!

And what did I buy for all my tributes this time? A new gaming PC

Can’t wait til I get it!
Other then that I gave myself a manicure with facial acrobatics gift

And I went out clubbing in the shoes I got from shoefreak and it turned a lot of heads, I was about 190 in them. 
I also did a RTgame with my long lost Danish pig who keeps dissapeating on and off which is a bit frustrating as he doesn’t have the decency to tell me WHERE.. He’s only 11£ short of being owned!

Such a lucky pig! 

Latest news

So, facial acrobatic has finally realized he can not keep worshiping me if he wants to afford to live haha. But he did send a last £20 on Saturday night to cum in his mouth and brush his teeth with it, but we will see if he can stay away. He is still writing.

Then my Danish pay pig played a RTgame with me to pay some of the few he has to be owned by me. He is having a hard time to afford spoiling me and treating me like he should but he is a loyal and very good pig and that is also important.
And he was also one of you that paid for my brand new iPad Air! It of course has the biggest hard drive since so I can load it full with amazing pics of me and humiliating pics of you. I know you can’t wait for me to shop for you money with it and accept your tributes! You are so lucky you found me!

Yesterday’s accomplishments

So yesterday almost started with a tribute of £50 from Brandon, or let’s call him Facial Acrobatic. We played a bit of teamviewer and then he begged for a RT game just before I was off to work. We got it to £73 and then he asked to pay dick tax of £15 for his supposed 4-5 inches. 

At work night he asked to play another RT game! Got to £121 and then we stopped it, he said he had a limit of £130 but still caught me when I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep at 3am and offered to pay £80 for another 30 min teamviewer session. I had a lot of fun snooping through his Facebook and messaging the unlucky women he’d slept  with. I would upload a pic of him that I posted with the RT game but I know he’d love it too much for me to do it for free.

Also got a package I picked up this morning with two lovely eyeshadow palettes I bought with German pigs tribute. They SMELL like chocolate, I’m gonna smell lovelier then I already do!!


I hate Mondays

As if Monday’s weren’t boring enough it has been a very dry day. So what better then spending your money?

This is what your money spoiled me with. I bet you piggys can’t wait until I give you attention, blog and share pics from this new golden device.
Now let’s earn me more. You work and send and I spend!