Sunday FUNday

Another day in the world of Goddess Hedvig! Sunday might be the stickiest day for you but every day is payday when it comes to this goddess!

Afternoon started with a tribute from the German paypig who of course did get hard and tingly after me mentioning him, so he sent a tribute. I sent him a picture of me and he sent another tribute so deutsche schwein I think you’ll want to tribute for the thrill of being mentioned and soon you’ll want to tribute as soon as you get hard from my pics, words and bare existence. 

I had an RTgame with my Danish pig who is currently under consideration. He’s broke after our last game but I got a good £22 out of him but he realized he had to give me the money he had for food, he doesn’t really need food anyway right? 
In other news, my old lonely Pig Larry is proving to be a true piggy with his priorities straight, makes me smile. You wish you could do that.

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