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So, facial acrobatic has finally realized he can not keep worshiping me if he wants to afford to live haha. But he did send a last £20 on Saturday night to cum in his mouth and brush his teeth with it, but we will see if he can stay away. He is still writing.

Then my Danish pay pig played a RTgame with me to pay some of the few he has to be owned by me. He is having a hard time to afford spoiling me and treating me like he should but he is a loyal and very good pig and that is also important.
And he was also one of you that paid for my brand new iPad Air! It of course has the biggest hard drive since so I can load it full with amazing pics of me and humiliating pics of you. I know you can’t wait for me to shop for you money with it and accept your tributes! You are so lucky you found me!

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