New FootSlave and humiliation session

Hello pigs and wonderful fellow Dommes!  Fuck I’d just written this long entry and accidentally closed the app.., ugh anyway. 

These last few days has been good! Had a nice humiliation session with 41-year-old-(21)-virgin! I don’t usually do session with subs I don’t own but this boy was very well-mannered and paid my fee. At first he was hesitant since it makes 45$ and the usual 25$/30$ a lot of Dommes charge as tribute isn’t worth shit over here. Hardly even make up the cost for shipping from He came back tho and enjoyed a good session getting put in his place. 15 minutes for him 30£ for me. I think I almost enjoyed it as much as him lol.
Yesterday a new slave entered my life. FootSlave from Australia. Very obedient and keeps saying he is on my feet an is so eager to serve. You notice when they are horny fuckboys pretending to be slaves as soon as you tell them how much the initial tribute is and where to send it. If it’s a finsub eager to serve the next thing you get is a screencap of the payment and an email notification from

He was a n00b tho and did fuck up once, he created a kik group for me without asking me, maybe some of you might think it was harsh but no.. You ask me first before doing something that involves me.. So he got punished and had to pay another 20£. So that’s an even 50£ from FootSlave. 
Tonight I’ll shop Amazon for his money and tomorrow I’ll shop the city with swedishvirgins money he sent before he ran away lol. 
Take care!

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