Morning sunshine

Oh what a glorious morning, it might be raining outside but it doesn’t triumph the money that’s been raining on me from Facial Acrobatics pockets, it’s up to £500 since lady Thursday night, that’s under a week and he couldn’t be more thrilled but also terrified, haha just the way it’s supposed to be.

He is so lucky to have found me, he’s been having so much fun with our RT games and my teamviewer snooping, I’ve also created a wheel of fortune for us where he either gets to tribute, do something humiliating or give up a letter/number of a password. He’s spinning 3 times everyday for his lack of dick. 
I created an inbox just for him, it’s fun to look at these daily gift cards dropping in 😉 he figured out that we should be at about 3000£ at this rate in a year. He gas to slow down from the over 50£ gift cards, I don’t want to drain him too fast either ;). I like me a long wallet fuck.