Bad slaves, bad bad slaves!

So even though my packages are dropping in like crazy, even at a speed where I don’t have time to pick up the ones too big to arrive at my door – I’m pretty much annoyed with majority of my slaves.

And for some fucking reason my week went from making about 200$ in an hour last week to me getting swedes messaging me on kik but not having “the time to pay” because of their work. Get your fucking priorities straight you inferior lazy bitches. 
So who am I annoyed with? Well let’s start with Norwegian slave who thought he could sneak away over to me, then lie to me that “his wife saw our messages” but in reality he was already owned by another Domme. Apperantly he’s been spoiling A LOT of other Dommes on the side. He literally had to block me EVERYWHERE to avoid coming back lol. 
And then we have Chastity Slave who was doing so well but is now ignoring me.. Either he too is an unfaithful scum who thinks he can handle more then one Domme – but you wouldn’t dare doing that, would you? OR he let himself out of his lock and is afraid to tell me… Either way, I’m losing my patience and there are other payslaves waiting for me to play. Maybe he got scared when I mentioned training to be locked up for a year ;)? Lol